Users usually don’t read

When I started making websites in 2003 I realized that users usually don’t read.

Even when you give them the most obvious instructions, users skip and go ahead for what they think will work.

Not only in online design, but in real life you find users doing the opposite as you tell them to do, so better give them the most obvious option without any reading.

For example, this sign was totally ignored in a local restaurant:

So better give them only options that you want them to go ahead.


No, Bitcoin can’t be used to buy normal things

Many people talk about Bitcoin as the future currency, like dollars or euros, but using Bitcoin to try to buy things like money is not a good idea.

Not only because the Bitcoin price is changing every second, but because the transfer fees.

Bitcoins fees for transactions are worse than people think.

Bitcoin transactions are processed by miners, the ones who help transactions to be confirmed. They choose to process first transactions with the highest fee, so if you want to pay less than 4 USD for your transaction to be confirmed, you have to wait between 10 to 30 minutes… and the problem is getting worse everyday:Source

The fee problem is something avoiding Bitcoin to be used as a normal currency to buy daily things because of the cost in money and time.

Even some companies, like Steam, are already dropping from accepting Bitcoin as a currency.

Don’t believe everything online: The story of Muzo

Internet is wonderful, we can learn and discover many things in it … but we must approach with a critical spirit, especially when there is money involved.

As an example I want to show you Muzo, a device that has achieved more than one and a half million dollars ($ 1,500,000 USD) in two crowdfunding campaigns, one on Kickstarter and the other on Indiegogo.

The project promises a device capable of isolating environmental noise to allow us to enjoy silence.


The problem? That seems too nice to be true.

And usually when something is too nice to be true, it is usually not true.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence … but this has not stopped thousands of people from giving their money to Muzo.

Will they surprise us with a technology never seen before?

What do you think about it?